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Keala Kennelly

One of the world’s most famous female big wave surfers, Keala Kennelly became the first woman to ride the heavy Teahupo’o in Tahiti in 2005. She also charges angry waves like Cloudbreak in Fiji and Jaws in Maui, making them all look like a walk in the park. “The craziest guy of them all is a girl,” says surf legend Kelly Slaterabout Keala.


After having spent a decade ranking in the top 10 on the ASP World Championship Tour (WCT), Keala decided to take a break in 2007 and pursue a career as a DJ, actress and big wave surfer. More recently, Keala became the first woman to surf Nelscott Reef near Oregon, US, and to win the Big Wave Classic, the first competition of its kind to include female surfers. And yes, she goes harder than many men!


She is one of the undisputable leaders in big wave surfing, with three wins in Teahupo’o contest history and a nice collection of wipeouts, some more devastating than others. In 2011, Keala Kennely caught one of the biggest swells ever to hit Teahupo’o in a display of perfect barrel riding. But she also got wiped out, hitting the reef beneath, which left a big scar on the right side of her face. This did not stop her and in 2015, after getting barreled at Teahupo’o, she became the first woman to receive the Pure Scott Barrel Award, 2018 Women’s Jaws Challenge Champion.

Kealii Mamala

Keali’i Mamala is proud of his Hawaiian heritage and cultural connection to surfing. He charges massive waves out of his pure love for the sport, and has ridden some of the biggest waves around the world. From Hawaii to Tahiti to his famed ride in Nazaré, Portugal Keali’i is always pushing the limits.
Keali’i is always ready for the next big challenge and was introduced to the world of stand up paddle boarding by his uncle in the late ’90’s. As SUP grew in popularity, so did Keali’i’s love for this new way to ride the waves and has competed around the world in SUP wave riding and flat water race events. His passion for the for giving back to others has led him to working with Surfer’s Healing and A Walk On Water, every summer to support children with special needs and their families. Keali’i is the ambassador of the aloha spirit.

Austin Dwayne Trout

Austin Dwayne Trout (born September 18, 1985) is an American professional boxer who fights out of Las Cruces, NM.He graduated from Mayfield High School.

In 2004, Austin was awarded the U.S National Amateur Welterweight Champion title where he would finish his amateur career with a final record of 163–42–1.

After climbing up the ranks as an elite boxer, he became a mandatory challenger for the WBA World Boxing Championship belt. While waiting for his opportunity to fight for Miguel Cotto for the championship title, Austin ended up working with DeAngelo Singleton to help with early stages of PR. Eventually, Trout would fight for and win a World Boxing Title.